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1. Common sense.
2. The max team size is 8, breaking this rule will result in a temporary or permanent ban. This means the combined amount of online, and offline, max player amount is 8 . Temporary ban is one wipe cycle + the current wipe cycle. So at worst case it can be two weeks.
3. Impersonating an admin is strictly forbidden, breaking this rule will result in temporary or permanent chat mute. Admins on this server wear a green radiation suit, which makes them easy to spot.
4. Hacking or playing with hackers will result in a permanent ban.
4b. If you are a known hacker from other servers, or your nickname can be associated with hackers (through websites, youtube videos etc.), you and your team will get a permanentban. Once a hacker always a hacker.
5. Do not use general chat for “hackusations”, please use discord servers text channel "contact-admin" to report hackers. This channel can also be used to contact admins with any other problems.
6. As a key part of the game griefing is allowed.
6b. However, griefing is not encouraged. Keep in mind that acting a certain way will cause others to reciprocate. When you don't grief others it reduces the possibility for you to get griefed.
7. Only two languages are allowed in global chat, these are Finnish and English. Breaking this rule repeatedly (3 warnings) will result in a temporary, or permanent, chat mute.
8. No agressive racism or toxic behaviour is allowed, please respect other players on the server. You are responsible for what you say and will face consequences, e.g. chat mute.
9. Using a VPN is not allowed, repeatedly breaking this rule will result in temporary, or permanent, ban.
10. Players with RustAdmin, VAC, or Game Bans will be monitored.
11. Players with recent VAC bans (60 days), will not be allowed to play on the server. You are welcome to join after 60 days have passed. Any attempt at circumventing this rule will result in a permanent ban (e.g. creating a new account).
11b. Admins only review the automated bans once a week (wipeday). So there will be a delay in removal of the ban by up to one week.
12. Do not advertise other servers or websites, doing so will result in permanent, or temporary, chat mute.
13. Admins may ban, chat, or voice mute, for any reason. It isn’t your right to play on the server, you are a guest. If you find yourself muted or banned, there is always a reason for it.
14. The use of exploits, such as item duping, is forbidden. Breaking this rule will result in permanent, or temporary, ban.
15. Any attempt to circumvent server bans or chat mutes will result in a permanent ban.
16. Admins will never spawn items, for any reason, for anyone