Niskalaukaus EU/FI Vanilla Rust

Server Activity
Wipe Info
Map wipes Thursdays at 17:00 GMT +3

Except on months first Thursday when patch goes live

BP Wipe
Monthly, first Thursday of the month
Top no lifelast 7 days
1. DankDuck53h53m
2. nibabo kebabo47h5m
3. M-Kauppias42h26m
4. jaaxi39h0m
5. Nino Nakano38h11m
6. discokim37h55m
7. haistavittu2135h36m
8. touch33h6m
9. nenuksus32h57m
10. Zandd32h15m
11. jjoona32h7m
12. ẅ̒̔32h4m
13. discoville29h57m
14. i love fresh hoes29h53m
15. Take29h31m
16. Rusty Locust28h56m
17. NigWard28h21m
18. Pain28h19m
19. EzNaabs28h16m
20. Joonas28h7m
21. Nallu27h52m
22. N1K026h54m
23. SipuliPukki25h12m
24. Dr3am24h46m
25. Nalle Puh24h36m
26. Refu ;)24h5m
27. Roni ∞23h56m
28. BALTAG23h44m
29. Kilzu23h33m
30. Mister International23h23m
31. GeleKani23h9m
32. L.23h7m
33. MoneyMoose22h56m
34. Sepi22h7m
35. disconagu22h0m
36. Dick aroma cigarillo21h56m
37. Pihvi Homma21h54m
38. Redi21h30m
39. reetti21h19m
40. S M U G U21h12m
41. Johtaja C.C.C.D☭20h43m
42. ✪ Vipo-iwnl-20h15m
43. babzbud20h6m
44. Jamppa20h3m
45. KimBo19h24m
46. Rip_Roxy18h54m
47. MasterBaiter18h50m
48. Preda18h44m
49. B4llistic18h33m
50. Hexcicon18h25m
51. @/S/ -iwnl-18h18m
52. TepsaVetääViinaa18h10m
53. James Charles17h47m
54. Oku17h46m
55. nakkisiili17h44m
56. Jeb The Builder17h33m
57. ✪ pornhub : Scryn17h17m
58. Cranky Peanut17h2m
59. [112]™ Hirmu16h56m
60. Zulerdien16h54m
61. Talee16h48m
62. Doom16h47m
63. B Bird16h42m
64. jarizu16h30m
65. Shafoxx16h18m
66. Lalli15h58m
67. stick15h55m
68. NeekerinRöböReikä15h54m
69. Soballas15h46m
70. ES KIESI6615h42m
71. kukkajukka15h31m
72. Dawn15h18m
73. EASY15h9m
74. WeeFinn15h5m
75. Oldhause15h0m
76. Se814h54m
77. Jupe14h40m
78. Saladdasss14h31m
79. Sile Frizeru14h21m
80. Jirska14h20m
81. Late14h17m
82. KosmoNautti14h11m
83. t3l3tappi14h10m
84. Suolestaja14h9m
85. asdfg13h56m
86. isä13h52m
87. Hiirvii13h44m
88. Blase13h42m
89. äiti13h32m
90. JimiDaVirgin S?S13h31m
91. sleepy13h31m
92. loka me faka me13h23m
93. Xx_Trolledurmom_xX13h20m
94. Eeär13h17m
95. Aira13h15m
96. Tim CS.MONEY13h10m
97. _NoSkills_13h1m
98. ⚓siwentti13h0m
99. Dailydak12h54m
100. Gamer12h51m
1. Common sense.
2. The max team size is 8, breaking this rule will result in a temporary or permanent ban. This means the combined amount of online, and offline, max player amount is 8 . Temporary ban is one wipe cycle + the current wipe cycle. So at worst case it can be two weeks.
3. Impersonating an admin is strictly forbidden, breaking this rule will result in temporary or permanent chat mute. Admins on this server wear a green radiation suit, which makes them easy to spot.
4. Hacking or playing with hackers will result in a permanent ban.
4b. If you are a known hacker from other servers, or your nickname can be associated with hackers (through websites, youtube videos etc.), you and your team will get a permanentban. Once a hacker always a hacker.
5. Do not use general chat for “hackusations”, please use discord servers text channel "contact-admin" to report hackers. This channel can also be used to contact admins with any other problems.
6. As a key part of the game griefing is allowed.
6b. However, griefing is not encouraged. Keep in mind that acting a certain way will cause others to reciprocate. When you don't grief others it reduces the possibility for you to get griefed.
7. Only two languages are allowed in global chat, these are Finnish and English. Breaking this rule repeatedly (3 warnings) will result in a temporary, or permanent, chat mute.
8. No agressive racism or toxic behaviour is allowed, please respect other players on the server. You are responsible for what you say and will face consequences, e.g. chat mute.
9. Using a VPN is not allowed, repeatedly breaking this rule will result in temporary, or permanent, ban.
10. Players with RustAdmin, VAC, or Game Bans will be monitored.
11. Players with recent VAC bans (60 days), will not be allowed to play on the server. You are welcome to join after 60 days have passed. Any attempt at circumventing this rule will result in a permanent ban (e.g. creating a new account).
11b. Admins only review the automated bans once a week (wipeday). So there will be a delay in removal of the ban by up to one week.
12. Do not advertise other servers or websites, doing so will result in permanent, or temporary, chat mute.
13. Admins may ban, chat, or voice mute, for any reason. It isn’t your right to play on the server, you are a guest. If you find yourself muted or banned, there is always a reason for it.
14. The use of exploits, such as item duping, is forbidden. Breaking this rule will result in permanent, or temporary, ban.
15. Any attempt to circumvent server bans or chat mutes will result in a permanent ban.
16. Admins will never spawn items, for any reason, for anyone